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Mar 19, 2020, 4:00 PM EDT
zoom link provided upon registration

Did you know that over 135k business are created each day?

90% of them fail.  That is right over 121,000 businesses fail each day.

Register here is you want to join me for a live webinar so you can learn how to create your business (and the many you might start after) on the right foundation and avoid the common reasons for failure.

Kirsten has worked with over 400 startup CEO/COOs and 300 of them were in the real estate business.



This is for you if:

- You want to make sure you are building your company with a proper foundation, allowing you to grow and scale with ease and not have to come back to the beginning when you hire, fire and try to grow.

- You want to lessen the feeling of information overload and confusion.

- You feel like you do a lot of work on your business but in the end, never feel like you are getting traction or getting results you seek.

- You if you have already heard all the talk about what a solid startup needs, yet you haven’t taken any steps toward accomplishing those actions.


- You are operating your business without a plan and trying to grow but failing, whether that is at the systems stage, hiring stage, or scaling stage.

This is NOT for you if:

- If you are not prepared to take action. This entire program is about transformation. The transformation of you as a business owner and the transformation of your business.

- If you are in the victim mindset and the whole world is conspiring against you and you have no control over any of it.

- If this is just going to be one more thing added to your vast video library of stuff on your “to do” list. Again, we want action takers and transformation makers.


The main reasons businesses fail within the first few years are:



-Lack of Clarity,


-Wrong Habit/Routines,

-Failure to have written plans/strategies

-Improper Hiring

-Neglect Marketing/Sales

-Lack of Mentorship

-Poor Time Management

-Poor Company Management


Hop on this webinar and learn how to avoid all of the above!

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