Would you be so kind to share how you schedule your day and maybe what kind of tools you use for it?

Planning planning planning and flexibility.

I always ask, What is the Point/Purpose? What is the point of the action I am taking?

I time block and checklist.

I see if there are any leveraged action steps I can take. Like is there something I can do that helps me accomplish more than one goal?

I tend to use Trello, it is free and easy.

I use google calendar because I can drag and drop and share it.

I time block.

I goal set in order to understand what I am even trying to accomplish.

I Project the time I think it might take for me to accomplish something. And if it is going to take longer than 45min (my personal length of time in which I can super focus) I look to see if I can break it up into parts.

My day typically looks like up at 5:20 am meditate, visualize the day work on self -hypnosis (if needed). Stretch.

6am to 8am with my daughter and us getting ready to go to school.

Run back home from drop off (15min).

decaf coffee/tea get ready for the morning

emails 9am (unless i do them earlier, like if I have a 9am meeting)

work related stuff until 12/1p

check emails go outside and walk or do something (if I havent been out for meetings)

2ish working

Day ends by 4pm


Evening routine:

look at my calendar for next day. Do my alignment practice withe the schedule.

make sure no lights 30 min before bed.

For every action I take, I ask what is the point? Purpose? why do it? Meaning if i am eating food, why? like so i don't starve? so I feed myself the healthiest nutrients to live long enought to play with grandchildren, etc.

If I am adding a meeting, outside my home, why? what goal is it advancing me toward, business goal or personal.

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