Why do I have a constant fear of running out of time to do things and then life being over?

Most likely, at a very young age, something happened where time was of the essence. However this time crunch was being put to you, it made you feel like if you didn’t get it done in time, life was going to be over or at least massively serious consequences that you did not want to happen.

Can you recall a specific incident?

If not, it might come from a prolonged scenario.

Here is a typical scenario:

Child 3–5 years old. Getting ready for school. Mom getting ready for work. Has a bunch of uber important meetings. But this is like almost daily.

Child late, getting on shoes, etc.

Parent: hurry up I will be late to work.

Now if the parent adds on about how work pay the bills and allows for survival

or the child already has heard this concept. Child might correlate their lack of fast enough progress to being homeless or something else.

Or if child is late to school again they will kick them out/expel them, etc.

Or maybe in high school you almost did not get to go to college due to lates or turning in work late, etc.

I think you get where I am going with this.

Usually, there is either a specific traumatic incident or something that was happening over time. But it is tied to an experience or understanding of an experience or situation.

It most likely served you in the moment, but no longer serves you to have this go-to thought or habit, yet you haven’t broken the pattern yet.</