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Who can help you achieve your goals?

So broad question. Depending on the goal would depend on who can help you achieve it.

If I am reading it correctly, you are asking who can help keep you accountable and on track to achieve your goals.

First and foremost you. You can help yourself by understanding that you need to change in order to achieve a goal you set for yourself. What you do now, won’t be what you need to do in order to achieve the new goal. By getting yourself in the right mind frame, redefining who you are and why you want this goal, can help ensure you stick to the new actions necessary to achieve this new and different goal.

Second, a coach or accountability partner. Coaches help in breaking down the obstacles that might be holding you back and helping you to map out your plan while keeping you accountable. An accountability partner can be anyone who you can discuss your goals, your plan and connect with regularly who can ask you the right questions to ensure you are staying on point, and if not find out why not.

Third, groups, network etc. having people who have achieved what you are going after, play in that arena, or at that level will help you to elevate your game and learn what you might need to know to get to where they are. So Mentors, Mastermind Members, Network, etc.


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