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How can you overcome the habit of procrastinating things that are important for your goal?

Again, to beat a dead all starts in your head. I would get a clear picture of what and why you are doing whatever it is you are doing.

Be clear on your Why. Why you are trying to achieve the goal you have set. And I mean your deepest why. Not because you want to do better for your family, or loved ones and not because you need to prove that you can to anyone other than yourself. If your reason why is not connected to you in a kind of selfish way, then you have not uncovered your deepest why your deepest motivator.

For me, my deepest why is because I don’t want to be told, “No”. I think when I was younger people said no to me often, like “no I can’t do that with you right now” or “No, that does not make sense I don’t understand so I won’t support that” And therefore, my deepest reason to build my network and finances is so that I can’t be told, “No” like Elon Musk…he said hey, let’s go to Mars because the earth is going to become useless one day and uninhabitable…the world initially was like, “nah” so he said screw it, I can start on my own. He wanted to make sure electric vehicles were an option but everyone pretty much tried to squash that idea too. But, he was able to move forward. I want to be able to move forward no matter what.

Also, know your limitations. Understand if there are tasks that get you to your goal that you can outsource. You don’t always have to do it all.

If you know you are good in the head and are not procrastinating because you don't deeply desire the goal or you know your why is strong enough but still find you can't quite get the drive to do the thing, it could simply be because of what you think about the thing. Is the thing beneath you or do you believe you don't like or can't do the thing? Take cold calling. maybe you think cold callers are annoying trash seller people that are put on this planet to annoy you at the most convenient time. Well then when it comes to making calls for your business, why would you? You don't want to become "annoying trash salespeople" right? or maybe you feel a certain way about it. LIke callers are worker bees and you are not worker bee, or the thing is beneath you, etc. Or maybe you are afraid of rejection so calling becomes stressful. You have to put in a lot of energy to make yourself get on the phone and that becomes tiring and draining.

or maybe you just suck at it. Sometimes there are simply tasks that you will never be the top player at and if you do it it takes 3x as much time and you likely get it wrong, etc etc. so better to just suck it up and find the right people to do it for you. Think about the time value of money.

If going grocery shopping takes 3 hours. drive there, shop get home put stuff away. or Laundry. but you can go on Amazon Fresh and get it delivered for only $9.00 or hire a housekeeper/cleaning lady to come over for an hour or so for $30.00 What could you get done in that time frame. Yes, you have to go online and order your food. 30 min or less. yes, you have to unpack and put it away...or maybe your new cleaning lady does that when she makes the bed cleans the house and does the laundry?

if you average making $100/hour it is clearly worth it to hire someone to do this tuff for a fraction of what you will make in those 2-3 hours.

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