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We are 42 days into 2019. Have you kept all of your New Year's resolutions?

Yes, but I dont put too much stress on being 100%. Especially, if it is an entirely new habit or breaking a deeply engrained habit.

1. Cut out all alcohol drinking = done 100% so far.

2. Cut out caffeine from coffee. 99% (I picked up diet coke on 4 occasions)

3. Increase exercise daily = done 90% there were a few days I had to stay in due to weather or my child being sick. I could have done yoga or worked out inside but I chose not to.

4. Increase my business income pursuant to my business goals and maps = executed about 80% on time. All but 1 of 3 avenues have been worked on.

5. Cut out adding table salt and eating refined sugar. Not really done. Haven't added salt so much but I did notice I have probably eaten just as much sugar as I did last year, like in starbucks coffee and the occasional chocolate. I edited this goal to Starbucks just 2x a week since I realized that I don't eat sugar so much. I have been hitting that mark so far.

I use a habit tracker so I can accurately see my progress, take note of any triggers I might not be aware of and get a big picture view so I can edit my behavior, like the sugar thing. I realized I did not really eat sugar, but I drank it in a decaf coffee about 5x a week. No one cares about an occasional brownie or chocolate bar 1x a month, but the corn syrup / fake coffee stuff, yeah…I definitely needed to reduce that.

You? How has it gone for you so far this year?

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