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How do conflicting desires inhibit the manifestation of your dreams and goals?

If I am understanding the question correctly you are asking if you have two different desired outcomes, that conflict, how will that inhibit the manifestation of your happy end result? or if you are talking about having cross - purposes. Such as an internal dialogue that says you hate money but your conscious mind says you want it? Either way, have oppositional thoughts, desires or energy works in the same way. They essentially cancel each other out or the stronger belief wins.

For example, YOU want to financially well off, but you have a belief that money is evil or financially well off people are bad or do bad things. Your deep internal energy is sending a signal to the universe, don’t send me money because I don’t really want to be evil and bad or do bad things.

This is a bit different if you simply have multiple outcomes you desire. Such as you want to be a real estate mogul by way of being a land developer but you also want to save the environment. These things don’t necessarily have to conflict. On the surface they seem like they might but you can find a way to make them work together.

Not sure if that answered your question. If not, please let me know more in the comments and I will try to understand the question more clearly.

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