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How can I deal the feeling of impending doom so that I can be in the right frame of mind for work?

So thank you for asking me this question.

The answer is easier than you think, because it is all in your head/mind and you actually have control over that, even though it doesn’t feel like it most of the time.

Since birth, we just let our thoughts happen, so it makes sense that for the most part we don’t even realize we have any control over it, but we do. Or at least we have control over the reaction and follow up thoughts to any thoughts that pop in our head.

Do this exercise.

Sit back, get comfy and let’s play pretend. close your eyes. Pretend, you play the lotto. And you are sitting at home. Your phone rings. Its the lotto people. They have informed you that you won last week’s 500 million dollar prize. Now really pretend it is actually true and happening right now. Your are beyond thrilled, you start to imagine how you will pay off your home, for your parents retirement, travel the world and never “work” again.

Now imagine. The phone rings again, you are told it is the Lotto people. They called the person. So sorry. click.

Now you are totally sad. have a hole in your chest. feel even worse than if they never called you to begin with. life is bleak. you can’t pay off your mortgage. your parents will work forever. No travel for you. life totally SUCKS.

Now imagine, the phone rings again. Yup it is the Lotto people. They did call the right person you are uber rich ….again.

In less than 60 seconds, your thoughts and emotions changed.

This is proof that you can change your thoughts and emotions in seconds.

So knowing you may have screwed something up at work and you now have to go in and deal with it. You have unlimited choices.

1. live in the feeling of impending doom/live in the future of something that has not yet happened. - this is a waste of time and energy.

2. plan out the known possibilities and how you will respond to them, to give your conscious mind the feeling like it is prepared for the worst.

3. temporarily flip the switch in your brain to get into another state of being. Joy, happy, etc. Maybe you play your go to fun song on the car ride to work. maybe you sit back an imagine something totally fantastic.

4. If you had more time you could use some NLP techniques to lessen the emotional impact of the thoughts in your head.

There are unlimited possibilities, but they all begin with you refocusing your mind to get yourself in another state

I hope this is somewhat helpful.

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