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Does anyone also feel that they are not in the right profession?

I used to feel this way. I was once an attorney and pretty much hated everything about it. I only liked trying cases, and that rarely happens. I was in a pit of angry people for the most part. People who could barely manage their lives, having zero balance and a lot of addiction issues.

This is not to say all attorneys are like, many are lovely and intelligent and truly care about the profession as a profession. And I likely felt worse since the work simply did not resonate for me.

Once I finally left for good, life has been awesome. I finally work in true alignment with my values, 99.9% of the people are meet are rock stars and looking to do good in the world by starting to work on themselves.

It is great.

Usually, if you feel as though you are not in the right profession, take a moment to figure out how you got there. What is society, family or your own expectations opened the door to this profession? Did you love the idea of it but then not in practice (that happened to me. I wanted to be a judge and help the world. Instead I learned that while we may have one of the most just systems on the planet, it is still a total crap shoot as to whether justice is served).

Now that you are there and you don’t love it. Take some time to understand what you like and do not like about it. What would be different if you could change it?

Is this thing, something you can change, are willing to take the time and energy to change? or simply not worth your time on this planet to change it?

What else would you like to be doing?

Those would be things I would think about. But yes, I have felt like I was in the wrong profession.

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