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My goal for 2020 is to turn my new start-up into a Billion dollar company (at least see how it will be that) in the next five years.


Motivational Media/Merchandise Store will do 500k to $1million in 2020.

I also have a few others but I will stick to that for now. As to how will


I achieve it?


I will do that through 4 verticles. 2 of which won’t gross any money in year one, but rather plant the seeds for long term growth, while somewhat leveraging the other two platforms of merchandise and live events.


With a projection of making between 8-10k at our first event and projecting about 15 small events in 2020 with increasing gross revenue at each event. I am projecting sales for live events to be in the range of 300–500k.


This leaves me with a need to find a way to make another $500k through direct merchandise sales. that I have no clue yet but I am working on mapping that out now.


Not sure if that helps. I just break down starting from the happy end result and work my way back to today.



take the time you need to do the research and understand how you will create the map to your happy end result. Don’t get stuck in a fake pressure-filled moment of hurry up and get something in a plan so you can move. Busy action and activity do not mean productive and result-driven. The more time you take on the front end, building out the map the better. (of course, if you are facing fear and perfectionism, that is something different) I am talking make sure you have a researched solid plan before you start to tur the wheel.




Kirsten Franklin, Esq.




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