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For me, team accomplishment. Like playing team sports. that has been a bit of a higher high than self-accomplishment on some occasions. You know when you arrive and win with a pack, for me that is always more fun because there were more people with you invested in the same thing and over the moon with you as you all won it together. but I have had a few accomplishments that could not be achieved with a team. And those too have been great highs.


Did you have anything that gave you a feeling better than self-accomplishment? Are you currently seeking something that might give you a better feeling?

But here is what I always keep in mind. Thoughts create emotions, emotions create internal energy, that energy results in certain behaviors and repeated behaviors in response to that emotion and energy create my habits. So I know that my highs for certain behaviors are habits in some way. If I wanted to, I could simply change it all. So in some weird way, none of it is real. I make it real. I could make myself never feel the high of self-accomplishment or team sports. But I like the feeling and I like to win, and that supports me on my way to achieve my goals, so I will keep it for now :)


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