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Harrison, thank you for asking this question. I might need more clarity as I can read it in a few different ways.


If you are asking how to prioritize your goals to achieve optimal mental health and happiness or if you are asking how to prioritize your goals that deal with mental health and happiness, either way I think my answer would be somewhat the same.


It all depends on you. What specifically are you trying to achieve and based on your current circumstances what habits, thoughts, tools, capabilities, etc would you need to get from where you are today to where you would like to be?


if you are seeking to achieve better mental health and happiness, without being a licensed therapist I would say this. Happiness is an inside job. take this from a person who was happy even though homeless.


I recently wrote a book called Becoming Unfuckwithable for this very reason. I wanted to help people get to a place where no outside events can take you down into depression for too long. I would not say that you would not be unhappy, the key is bouncing back within minutes, hours, days versus months and years.


For me there are three main pillars:

  1. mindset

  2. emotions and energy

  3. actually structuring your daily life.


I think you are talking about the third pillar, once your mindset is right for what you are trying to achieve and you have cleared your energy and gotten connected with yourself and the world what do you do with it all.


Me personally I have both a morning and evening routine. I also have a specific mid-day break I take. I get to work remotely for the most part. And I run companies. So it can be a bit lonely for someone who gets energy from being around people and communicating. I definitely try to time block as much as I can and it makes it way easier to move around my schedule at the drop of a hat. I am visual and use a google calendar and can drag and drop and change things at the click of a button.


In my daily activities, I always have things that further my personal and professional growth which also help me to stay on point with my mental health and happiness.


This is just me, this is what I teach others and it has been rather successful in helping people feel organized and hit everything on their goals be it in their personal or professional lives.




Kirsten Franklin, Esq.




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