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What are some unconventional but effective ways to reach a goal?

Just do it!


Like Nike says….


I have a question. Why this question? Have you tried to hit a goal, but missed or completely decided not to take action? Are you trying to do it but find you can’t for some reason?


Ask yourself, why not? What do you believe is the reason you have not or it will be difficult to achieve your goal. Then locate where that idea is coming from. It is a real obstacle or something your mind is making up.


I will give you an example, I am coach and I work with top coaches in groups from around the world. One day a female client of a coach said she was going to make 100k in her first month every as a coach. The coach coaching her asked he to reset her goal. maybe she could be more realistic, because in his experience (and he was quite experience and is a top player in the field, around the world) thought most coaches don’t make that in their FIRST month in business.


She told him, if I am teaching people to go for the impossible, I should also be able to do the same.


So he let her go on, and he thought, not possible.


End of the month she came to him and said, i missed my goal. I only made 99k in my first month in business.


You see the lens through which the coach saw his client was built of his own experiences and limitations. She did not share those beliefs so her reality was crafted differently.


Or maybe you are just asking to hear of some loony, fun ideas on how to achieve a goal. If that is the case, I have nothing super crazy, that I know of to share. Although I do have a friend that created an entire business out of her love of cooking and art and is now a top food stylist. So she achieved her goal of making a living doing what she loved.

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