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There are several things I might discuss with a client who is trying to organize their life goals and hold themselves accountable.


First, I would have them clearly define their goal. Next, I would go through an exercise with them to uncover their deepest why. Their real reason they believe they want this end result. I would make sure that it aligns with their values and beliefs about themselves and if it doesn’t, understand if the goal needs tweaking or if the belief needs tweaking. Finally, I would have them do research and create their plan or steps to making this goal become a reality. Based on the goals, the timelines laid out to achieve them I would leverage test and see if there were things/steps needed to be taken that could assist, facilitate or even eliminate other steps in the goal or the other goals.


Finally, I as the coach, hold my clients accountable. They hold themselves accountable and they can always find an accountability partner.


Kirsten Franklin

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