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Why is it that some companies place more value in an employee’s presence (how many hours they work) than they do in their output (how much they produce)?

I would think there could be several different reasons.

  1. the mentality or mindset of the managers and higher-ups

    1. they need to see you to feel like you are working or need to hold you accountable to hours present - I refer to these places as Face-Time companies. I notice that these types of places tend to have high turn over and management tends to have control issues.

    2. they are seeking to build a certain company culture

    3. It is a 9–5 job so there is an expectation you will be available and working from 9–5

    4. I am sure there are a ton of other reasons, people can put in the comments below as they think about this.

  2. The type of business might require a physical presence: like customers who require attention and if an employee is not available since they are not working the specified hours or they aren’t around to help solve problems or assist in other ways. Like stores do not require an output from an employee they require a presence (cashier, stock person, greeters, etc.

  3. Also, a company is paying for your productivity, as a salaried employee. So if you are a high output type of person, why stop just because you feel like you gave more than everyone else or that company got sufficient results from you? Why not work the full day and get even more done?

I am sure there are a ton of other reasons I can’t think of right now, but will add more to this answer as it comes up for me.

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