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How does one better set goals and prioritize if they are constantly learning and trying new things?

Hopefully we are all constantly learning and trying new things.


But, is that not included within your goals?


Start with the end in mind. If you are setting a 90 day, 6 month, one year,

etc. goal. When that time is up where do you want to be?


Example, if it was 90 days from now, what would your:


Home/environment look like?


What would you be doing for work?


What would your health be like?


What would your family be like?


What would you be doing to grow as a person?


What hobbies would you be engaged in?


What would you love relationships be like?




Now what are the steps you need to take in the next 90 days to make that happen?


You reevaluate your monthly weekly and daily goals, daily. Meaning every step you set forth, every task, every thing you state that you need to do and you put on your calendar you are asking yourself if this is the first necessary step or is there something I can/should do to make all of these steps easier or unnecessary (example, you are going to begin marketing in your business. you need to create your ideal client avatar understand where to find them, get your modalities/way you will market, your images and copy, etc. you also need a CRM. putting together the CRM would be step one because it allows you to track all activity to so you can have analytics on your customers and marketing efforts.)


now lets say you are doing a ton of research on how to set goals and map them out in the best way. you do your research first, pull out the ideas you want to follow and build your plan on how to do it then execute. if you continue to find additional information, stop. Don’t break your plan and try and implement it. Now you are just distracting yourself.


All anyone needs to do it to create their plan based on their research and execute it. if there is a real reason to pivot, do so, but most of the time when it comes to goal setting and execution it is more about mindset and habits than anything else.


If you have a deep belief or mindset that you don’t know enough, you can’t or you might mess up and that could be bad, then you are likely creating subconscious blocks for your self preventing you from achieving your goals and causing you to procrastinate, question yourself and more.


Start by getting centered and grounded. Get clear on what you want, why you want it. Make sure you mindset and inner truths align with future you. If they don’t, that is fine, but you need to make them align, Use affirmations, the mirror technique, hypnosis, anything to help you get the mindset and beliefs you need to be future you.


And then just go out there and kill it! Hit your goals! Don’t get distracted.

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