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I have barely any free time. What am I doing wrong?

Without knowing you personally and what you do all day, if you were my client, I would have you track what you do every minute of every day for the next seven or so days.


Now, take a look at it and tell me. Are there things you are doing that could free up your time (like playing games on your phone, watching TV, chillin on Social Media?)


Are there things you think should take less time but take more? When you are doing that task are you “multi-tasking” or is your attention diverted in any way?


Is everything you are doing necessary or are there things you are doing that can be made easier or unnecessary by doing something else?


When you say you barely have “free time” what is it that you want to be doing that you “don’t have time for”? Can you look and see now, how you might eliminate or reduce time spent elsewhere to fit that “free time” activity in?

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