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As a business owner, what stops you from taking action on your goals/dreams?

As a business owner, not much stops me from taking action on my goals or dreams. Each year in October / November I map out the upcoming year. I plan my life holistically so no area of life is really deficient or unattended.


As a business and executive coach, I can tell you fear and the idea of "not being enough," tend to be the main reasons my clients might not take action toward their goals/dreams.


The idea that they are “not smart enough” “not credentialed enough” “not knowledgeable enough” “not connected enough” “not coming from the right background or upbringing” etc. etc.


FEAR: like fear of failure, fear they don’t have money, fear of success, fear of not taking the right first action, fear they do not know what they are doing, etc. etc.


Hope that is helpful

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