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When is it time to give up with work and enjoy life?

Vito, Thank you for asking me this question. 


Your questions assumes that work and an enjoyable life are two different and separate things.

I think we have one total life and joy and “work” are a part of the bigger picture. If we find a way, to have our work be enjoyable, well then we never want to give it up.


If you are at a place in life where you do not love your work or even like getting up and going to it then maybe it is time to seek other “work” or other stuff that can pay you while having fun.


I happen to be a life and business coach and I love what I do. It not only pays the bills but also allows me time for my family and I can do it from anywhere on the planet, at any time.


The people I meet and work with are these hidden rock stars seeking to change their lives and businesses in some way. Usually, to help their families first but also to help others. They literally give me energy when I work with them.


So, regardless of your age, maybe it is just time to find the right “work” so you can enjoy life.


Of course, if you are independently wealthy and have no need for further income. You can do whatever you like whenever you like and that would include quitting so you can “enjoy life”.


with gratitude,



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