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What is one thing I can start doing today that will make me more productive with my projects?

Plan and organize each project with goals, milestones and tasks.


Ask yourself, "in 30 days where does this project need to be?"


Then 'throw up' on paper every single thing inside your head that you believe gets you there and needs to happen.


Next, prioritize that list and leverage test it. (is there something that can be done that makes other things easier or unnecessary).

For example, if you are starting a business you might say to yourself.  I need marketing, a CRM, etc.   getting the CRM first might be the leveraged steap as all marketing information and automation and emails and reminders for sales etc. can be placed into the CRM and then the rest of the marketing is made easier.  


Then from that list chunk it out into what has to, should be or can be done each week (keeping the priority and order in tact) then narrow it down to what you will do to hit that weeks goals over the next five days. Again, just throwing it all up on paper then organizing and prioritizing it.


Each day look at your next day the night before, ask yourself does this get me to the week goal? if not, move it off your calendar.


Be easy on yourself.  When you drift off to inevitably stare at the pink squirrels, don’t be hard on yourself, just refocus.  if you are hard on yourself and begin to have negative feelings you are actually causing yourself to become less productive.


Know yourself, do you need to chunk your time, like work 50 min then break out and do something to bring your energy levels back up and get you back in the zone like a run or brisk walk.  Do you need to use app killers to kill all the apps on your phone and laptop?


Getting organized and getting focused is all you can really do. It is a habit to stay laser focused and it takes time to build that habit up.

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