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I'm the CEO of a startup. My CIO just admitted to me that he doesn't actually know anything about computers. What should I do?

Welcome to the fun part of the business.

Let him go ASAP!


Deadweight is worse than no weight.

Take a close look at how this person made it through the gates. Is there a defective hiring process? A company issue that allowed a great person to end up in the wrong seat? Or the wrong person into the company? Or the wrong person in the hiring seat? Fix it. (Failure to do a background and reference check?)

Know that the hiring, training and retention process will be the largest headache of the company, as it is with most companies. You can fix this, in large part, by ensuring you know your company's vision, values, mission, etc. And it is all clearly and openly communicated throughout the company. You want people who are in alignment and in the right seats. This includes taking a look at whomever hired the CIO.


Hope this was helpful

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