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How can I Use Fear to achieve my Goals?

The brain uses fear to warn you to avoid real or perceived danger/pain.


Pain can be both physical or emotional, such as pain from failure or the pain of looking stupid.


You can leverage fear to achieve your goals simply by avoiding the potentially painful outcome. Avoid at all costs looking stupid or failing.


Depending on the type of person you are, fear will create certain energy and emotions that you can leverage to motivate you to get the job done and achieve your goals. For example, if you are genuinely afraid of looking stupid, you might study harder or research and prepare better.

But, if you are a person who feels fear and tends to freeze or procrastinate, then It might not be very useful.


Leveraging fear is fine, just know that if you leverage fear, you will still have to attend to the underlying cause or you might end up getting exactly what you want and still not feeling awesome. Maybe you end of feeling like an impostor or the goal all of a sudden is not fulfilling.  Or even worse, but not addressing the underlying issue that is creating the fear to begin with, you end up creating other issues that prevent you from achieving that goal or losing ground once you have come close to achieving the goal.


The fear you leverage is the leaf on the tree. Somewhere deeper below your conscious mind, in your subconscious mind, is a belief that is causing the fear. Unless you deal with that underlying cause, it will rear its ugly head in the future when you least expect or want it to.


Leveraging fear can only get you so far and usually doesn’t get you there with joy and abundance.

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