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How does one set up real goals instead of meaningless ones (which takes us nowhere)?

Thank you for asking me this question.

Your question, in and of itself contains the answer…to some degree. Goals that are meaningful will more likely motivate you to actually achieve them.


Any “goal” you set for yourself is achievable.


One of the keys to creating goals that you will want to take action to achieve is to make the goal something you want that is also in alignment with who you are.


So knowing what you really, deeply want in life for yourself is a good place to start.


If a goal is “meaningless” than why bother? Let’s say I set up a goal to eat 10 cupcakes in 10 min. if there is no meaning, then why bother. If I am not trying to beat the world record of the fastest time to eat 10 cupcakes, or someone isn’t betting me one million dollars that I can’t do it. I have no deep desire to simply eat 10 cupcakes in 10 min. so when it comes time to sit down and eat the cupcakes, I might eat one or two then lose motivation, drive, purpose and likely feel sick and quit.


Hope that was helpful.

Also, start with your end in mind to determine if any of the goals will take you toward your desired end result.

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