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Can we be happy before we reach our goals?

Interesting question. One can absolutely be happy before reaching a goal.


Happiness and goal achievement are two independent things. One does not have to do with the other.


However, many times people will tie their happiness to their goal achievement. This typically results in fleeting emotions. For example, if someone says, I will be happy when I get a job that pays me $100k a year. They go search and get that $100k/yr job. They feel happy. But soon after the happy feelings fade. This is due to the person tying the result to their emotions. It happens a lot.


Tying the result to your current emotions happens often with personal love relationship goals. “I will be happy when I find a mate” but the reality is, if you are not fully satisfied with who you are as a person and not happy, you likely won’t attract the happy end result you seek.


So, yes, you can absolutely be happy before you reach your goals. And, my recommendation is to find your happy now so that you can enjoy the time you spend while trying to reach those goals and so you can maintain they joy when you have reached that happy end result.

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