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Do you agree with the advice that it's a bad idea to have a plan B when pursuing a goal?

This is a super fun and interesting question.


So the theory behind, “no plan B” is that if you allow your mind to accept that plan A might not work out, then you might change certain factors resulting in plan A not working out. If you have no plan B, you will force yourself at all costs to get the plan A.


The problem is that it misses the point that, there are a million different ways to get to your happy end result and life changes all the time, as might your happy end result.


So I personally tend to do both. How?


In my personal life, I don’t create a plan B. I know I might not always get exactly what I want how I want it, but I don’t really care. I know, that in some way I will totally get to my happy end result, the how will always change over time. I don’t focus on the how, I focus on the what.


In business, while I don’t have a written, solidified plan B, I do go through a process of alternate possibilities. a sort of, “what if” exercise. This is just a way to make sure we are all thinking of how to avoid certain pitfalls and prevent the worst of the worst from happening, or quickly remedy the situation if the worst does happen. It also allows us to see that worst things in our head, maybe aren’t that bad since we can already visualize multiple solutions.


Hope that was helpful.

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