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Manually working towards goals can be exhausting. How can you create processes to achieve your goals?

Great question!


Answer is, it depends.


What about it makes it exhausting for you?

I love James Clear’s new book Atomic Habits. It is a definite must read for people trying to create the daily habits that will drive them to their happy end result.


My second question would be what is your goal? Does you goal light you up and give you energy or is this just something you need to accomplish? Does the goal align with your truest self and deepest desires? Some times when a goal is out of alignment with our values or is just a thing we have to do on our way to something bigger, it does not give us the fuel needed or desired and can make us sluggish, unmotivated and tired.


When I have to attack a necessary goal (one that has to be achieved on my path to the bigger goal and it is not doing anything energetic for me…I tiny habit it) I figure out what are the habits necessary to get me to this end result and I just do baby steps until I get there.


hope this was helpful in some way.

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