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What 3 habits can transform my life completely?

Before, just answering blindly, that would depend on where you are right now and where you want to be.


I would start by looking at the person you would like to become.


How does future you act and behave? Now think about what it would take for you to get from where you are right now to that person.


Why would you want to get rid of a habit (most likely because it does not serve the person you want to be)?


Why would you develop a new habit (to help you become that person)?


There are some basic routines that many high achievers (defined as experts in their fields, not just financially wealthy) tend to have. Everything from regular meditative practices, to specific morning routines and evening routines.


Look to see what you currently do on a daily basis. How much time do you spend doing it? Does that activity serve future you?


For example, Someone might say kill all SM, but if future you is a Media King, then maybe that is not the thing you cease, but simply be more conscious and intentional on how and why you connect and how much time you spend on it.


Sorry, if you were looking more for a do this, type of response, but everyone is unique and requires solutions that fit their specific desires.


I could also suggest you read some books that can give you ideas of different solutions or you can read a recent post of mine as well. 6 Daily Actions to Achieve Success, however this list was geared toward Entrepreneurs, it holds true for everyone…let me know if you want a copy.

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