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Is life worth living if one does not have a goal to achieve?

That is a personal question.


First I would want to ask, how you define having “a goal to achieve?”

Do you mean like some specific life goal, career goal, daily goal?


Next, I would ask you,


Do you feel as though YOUR life is worth living even if you don't have a specific goal at the moment? Why or why not?

If it is not worth living, what does that mean to you? Does that mean that you simply live in limbo, or find a way to terminate your life? You have non-consciously created a goal right there. In fact, trying to find an answer to your question in and of itself was a goal, no?


If you are just getting caught up in everyone else's goal speak and feeling a bit low because you haven't bothered to try and set any life goals and you currently don't have any objectives you are trying to achieve, I would ask, are you depressed? Is not having a goal or being like these people you read about causing you to feel bad about yourself? If, No. Then live on and be happy and don't sweat it. If, Yes then dig a bit deeper and understand what is really the root cause of this emotion and what are the thoughts creating the emotion.


We naturally set some type of objectives aka goals for ourselves, even if it is just to wake up on time or simply make it through the day. Typically, when a human has zero drive, zero objectives they are usually facing some level of depression.


Hope this was helpful.

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