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Why can’t I stop creating problems for myself (Financial)?

If there is a cycle, it comes from deep within you, your subconscious programming. You hold a belief, most likely developed in your young childhood (before the age of 7 or 8) that creates this inability to retain money in the way your conscious brain would like to.


Look around you and what do you see? Your reality is evident of your subconscious beliefs.


Think back to your pre-elementary school and elementary school years. What was life like? What did people says around you or to you? What did you see on TV, what did your religion teach you? Your friends, family, etc.?


All of these things influenced you to create a core belief…money doesn't grow on trees, easy come easy go, that is for rich people and you are poor, money is a struggle, hard to get, hard to keep, you will never amount to anything, you can't have it, you are not smart enough, good enough, talented enough, etc.


When, at your core, the non-conscious mind believes these things, your emotional/habitual reality will ensure to play it out. It is the reason most lottery winners go bankrupt. It has nothing to do with not knowing how to save money or spend it or invest it. It has everything to do with whom they believe they are as a person, what they are worth, what they are entitled to and what their reality must look like, irrespective of what their conscious mind desires.


Hope this is helpful in understanding why we repeat patterns in life.

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