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What are the top 10 habits for success?

In general, I would think the best habits would be those that keep you organized, focused, calm and non-reactive. Physically and mentally on point.


I would start with understanding your definition of success. What does a successful life look like for you?


Then, I would clearly and honestly note where you are, now in the present moment.


Understanding you want to go from where you are now to your definition of success, I would see what current thoughts, habits, actions or inactions are keeping me where you are (so you know to get rid or them or exchange them)


Finally, I would see what I need to develop to get me where I want to go. Need more focus, be more productive?


There tend to be some basic habits that seem to work well across the board in getting people in the right mindset to be able to achieve their goals.


Meditation, physical exercise, getting enough sleep specifically through regular bedtimes and wake times (versus random late night with late mornings…for example, steady sleep by 1030pm up by 630am). Planning your days ahead of time. Making sure everything on your plan gets you to your goal. Eating healthier for better focus and energy.


Hope that helps.

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