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What is the best way to set financial goals with my spouse?

That depends. What is the purpose or end result you are hoping for, by involving your spouse? It might sound like an odd question, but there are couples that are on the same page and both interested in managing and understanding their finances. There can be couples where one has a great deal of interest and the other does not, and they are ok like this. There can be couples where one has an interest and the other doesn't and it deeply disturbs the interested party. There can be partners where neither wants to deal and it becomes painful for both to come to the table and figure it out. It could be a situation where your partner has poor spending habits and your goal in the meeting is to admonish and set limits.


If your goal is simply to try and get on the same financial page because you are both trying to reach a specific goal, like buy a house or ensure money for retirement, etc.


I would probably speak with my spouse and set a date/time to meet for an hour or so.


I would allow them to Express their long and short term desires/goals and I would lay mine out.


Once we came to terms on the actual loan g and short term goals, I would proceed to set it and map it like any other. By reverse-engineering it.


Then hope that we make our best effort to remain in point and accountable.


I might gamify it or make it fun in some way to try and stick to our new habits.


I would meet bi-weekly (every other week) or monthly depending on necessity.


Revisit the goals every 90 days to keep it all on point and make adjustments.

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