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What would most improve the quality of life where you live?

I live in New York (Manhattan), NY. I think the city could greatly improve the quality of life, by learning how to truly assist people in need. From the elderly, drug abusers, mentally ill, jobless, struggling families, those who can't afford food and so much more.


I also agree with the person who mentioned banning smoking, having air cleaners and I would add, improving traffic and public transportation.


I have no issues with people who smoke or smoke pot. But I don't feel that I need to be subjected to it as I walk around, nor does my young child. Worst is when you are near a medical facility and there is a law against smoking outside and yet people are smoking all sorts of things.


I might also add enforcing garbage laws and pet street cleanup laws.


Wow, thank you for asking the question, didn't realize how much I thought could use changing in the city.

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