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Do you find yourself to be stressed after going back to work after vacation?

I used to. That is why I no longer practice law. The type of law I practiced required long hours and tons of arguing…with everyone. So I quit.


If you are going back to work stressed, ask yourself what is causing this stress? if it is simple because you know you will go back to a back log of work and have to play catch up, well that just might be part of the job, if you are unable to obtain assistance.


If you are stressed for other reasons, like “ugghhh I have to face co workers, whom I do not like to be around” or “I hate my job and everything about it” I might take the time to dig deep and find out if there are other opportunities out there that could light up my day as opposed to drag me down.


If you wake up everyday stressed, I would look to other opportunities, but first I would try to understand what is not resonating well with your current position so that you avoid leaping to a similar spot.

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