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What daily habits should I practice for the next 4 months to step into 2019 with a better version of myself?

Everyone is unique and their situations are unique and the results they desire are unique. However, there are some clear consistencies that I notice in the most productive people.


FIRST, start by getting rid of the idea that you are going to change something for four months. If you are not looking to shift your life habits then you will not likely get any real or long term results.


This is the main reason New Year’s resolutions fail. The person is not looking to change themselves at the deepest levels, their subconscious levels. Therefore, old habits will always win and throw you back into the position where you started or worse.


That being said, I recently wrote a post for one of my private facebook groups


6 Daily Habits to Change the Trajectory of Your Life.


It is free so so enjoy a copy by entering your name and email in the popup on this page.

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