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Why are most people broke?

First, I am not sure that "most people" are broke.  But if you are asking why broke people are broke as in financially struggling, some people just had something happen, like not being prepared for a global economic crash or losing their jobs. 


Most people stay broke or have a roller coaster ride pattern of making and losing money because of their belief system and exposure.


They have a conscious or subconscious story most likely derived from their childhood exposure. Things like, “it takes money to make money” “money doesn’t grow on trees” “ya gotta work hard to make money” or “bad people are rich” “selfish people are rich” “it is for other people, not me” “money comes, money goes”…. I think you get the picture.


They maintain some kind of belief about themselves or money itself that affects their reality. So maybe they feel they are not worthy of it, simply because they grew up poor. it becomes a habit to make decision that negatively affects their finances.  This is subconscious. Even how they save/spend it. A large majority of Lottery winners lose their money quickly due to these beliefs. Their lack of comfort with being truly wealthy, the lack of familiarity and core beliefs about themselves.

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