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How has the fear of success stopped you from achieving your goals?

Everyone has fear. It is the brain’s natural function to create this emotion to protect your life and keep you alive.


The only problem is that this mechanism was developed in the reptilian brain (developed back in caveman times) some times the fear is no longer relevant in this modern age. We have to look at our current reality, not our thoughts and emotions to see if the perceived fear is justified.


While I may have some fears, a fear of success is not one of them. However, I have clients who have had this fear and it has stopped them in many ways.


Whether they repeat the fear through making bad decisions, procrastinating, chasing shiny objects, getting side-tracked, quitting too soon and a million other ways in which this fear shows up, the number one thing I do to help them past it is to identify its source so we can blow it up and get it out of their lives for good.

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