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How can you organize things so that you are less likely to multitask?

Only 2% of the population, according to an article in Psychology Today, can actually multi-task. This is defined as being able to complete two totally separate tasks at the same time error free. The rest of the 98% simply task-switch, which is a total waste of time. To have laser focus and stop task switching, there are several things you can do.


Start by being organized and time-block. Set a specific amount of time on which you will engage in a singular activity.  Remember your multi-tasking was a learned behavior and it will take time to "unlearn" it and it is really tough.  I am still working on this.  Sometimes, I even feel frustrated because I have gotten so good at the singular focus, that now when I try to multi-task I fail at both tasks.  Psychologically, I feel as though I might have been able to retain the information and accomplish more in the past (but the reality is that I would have made errors that would have been caught too late or taken me 2x as long to complete)


Next, ensure that all distractions are kept at bay. App killers for phones, ipads and laptops rock.


Like any new habit, take small, intentional steps to try and practice

this new habit. Maybe you start out by only focusing for 15 min or

20 min at a time and then gradually increase that time.


This Is Your Brain on Multitasking

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