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In a world with so many distractions, how can we set goals and actually achieve them?

Learn how to get rid of the distractions or learn how to disregard the distractions. Self discipline and discipline over our own minds, is one of the most difficult tasks we can accomplish in life. But it also happens to be the number one thing we can aim to do. Once you have control over your own thoughts, all actions and results will follow.

First, make sure you set a real goal. A specific goal.  I want to be rich or I want to be successful are not specific goals. I want to make $1Million is specific enough to be a goal. but I like to go deeper and even more specific.  Like, I want to make $1M net in the next 12 months by adding 1-2 clients each month at $50k each client.  So then the only question I have to answer is how do I gain 1-2 new clinets each month in order to achieve this goal.

After you are sure you have a clear and specific goal, a quick trick I use with my clients is to pretend it is the end of the year and you have achieved this goal. You are now a millionaire or have now consistently brought on two new clients each month at $50k each. Who are you now? What are your daily habits, How did you achieve your goal? Who did you have to become, in order to make it happen?

This is your starting point.


Maybe you said, "I achieved this because I dropped all social media and created a morning routine and I did a lot of planning to ensure my days were spent productively as opposed to making myself busy as I used to and getting no where." Just open up your imagination, play pretend and see what you did that got to your goal.

Now, you have an idea of what you might need to do to achieve your goal. You can go research ways on how to achieve those goals.

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