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What can you do to form healthy habits?

Your habits are personal to you. So ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish. What healthy habits and why.


If you are trying to lose weight because you think you husband will cheat on you, focus on the deeper issue at hand. If you are trying to get into peak physical state, why, like you want to run a marathon or just live a better daily life with more energy, etc.


The reason matters, because the reason is part of your driving force. To remove, change or develop any habit, requires you to look at two things. Yourself and the habit cycle/loop to effectively change it.


Start by understanding the new habit is not a temporary one but rather a life and lifestyle change. If you think of it as temporary, like I will do it until I reach…. then you are doomed to either quit early or hit your goal and revert back to the original you.


You must first acquire the mindset of the person you ultimately wish to become (sometimes this is easier said than done)


Second, if you are developing a habit (versus trying to change or eliminate an old habit) simply start to take action. you can take baby steps. Like if you want to work out more but can’t seem to drag yourself to the gym. You can start by waking up at the time you would need to in order to hit the gym. do that for a straight week or more.

Next you might wake up at that time and add the small step of getting dressed in your workout clothes (even if all you end up doing is grabbing coffee in your kitchen). Next you might wake up early, get dressed and put on your sneakers and get into your car or drive to the gym, and simply wait outside for 20 min. in the car.


you get the drift, if you can’t seem to just take the full action, baby /micro step it.


Changing or deleting a habit is a whole different animal.


Hope that is helpful.

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