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What are some practical and effective daily habits to get into in order to start a side hustle or small business?

I would start by not calling it a side “hustle”. of course that depends upon how you define hustle. I define it as working hard and the feeling of busyness, over worked, etc.


Know that your mindset, how you define and see everything makes all the difference.


I have worked with over 200 entrepreneurs and small business owners in 2018 alone. I have helped them do everything from just get it off the ground to making it profitable and allowing them to quit their 9–5’s and doubling, tripling income and bringing one company to $5M and another company having it’s first $1M Month!


This would be my advice.


First, understand the specific amount of time you are able to dedicate to it.


Second, get very very clear on what it is you are trying to accomplish.


Third, build it as a business. Draft a Business plan [which includes a financing plan] (nothing fancy unless you seek outside funding, which would require a specific type of B-plan.


in the B-Plan goal set and write your 1 year and 90 day and 30 goals and execute.


Fourth, stick to your self management schedule and ensure your calendar has time to take care of yourself. Whether that is to ensure you meditate twice a day and have time for a morning and evening routine. Or that you meet up with friends for a few hours late Sunday. Or you make sure you have time for family. Sounds counter intuitive, when you have limited time and really want to get your business off the ground, but remember why you are doing it. Don’t risk damaging the dream life. Start by actually living it to the extent you can. You never know who can be taken off this earth at any time. You never want to wish you had…. and didn’t just because you were building a business.


Fifth, see the global view, get out of the little worker bee/employee mindset, if you get stuck thinking like an employee not an employer, all you will do is build a business that turns into another nightmare job.


As for the daily habit(s), that is simple. dedicate specific time and execute during that time frame. If you are writing a book, you make the goal to write 2 pages a day if that is all you have. And just do it. If you are creating a business you dedicate 1 hour a day during the week and 8 hours on the weekend. And execute. Stick to the plan. Don’t freak out if it takes longer than you expected. Remember, you are in it for the long game, not the short game.


There is a ton more, but this is a great basic outline to get you started.

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