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What are the top 10 habits for success?

Great question.  So many books out there today on these top ten millionaire success habits and all have great points.

Personally, I think the following are all necessary in order to have a non-reactive, balanced, easy going (not lazy, but meaning smoother clearer path) / "in the zone"/flow state way of achieving and reaching goals.

1. Work on your mindset (subconscious mind)

2. Meditation - regularly engage in some type of meditative practice

3. Mindfulness - regularly engage mindfulness practices can help in trying to uncover your subconscious thoughts)

4. Heart - Mind aligning practices

5. regular physical activity (walking, yoga/stretching, anything)

6. Healthy eating for your specific metabolic type

7. planning / strategizing everything, your day, week month year in life and business

8.  Areas of Life (knowing where you are in all aspects of life and where you want to go and drafting the plan of how each day/week/month you will make decisions and engage in order to advance toward that goal.

9.  Remember that every single decision you make brings you closer OR further away from a goal you set.  There is no in between and there is no indecision.  The decision not to decide is a decision.

10. Be gentle on yourself, deeply love yourself, know you are unconditionally loved just for existing on this planet and know that you will fall off the wagon.  This is not about perfection, it is simply moving the needle every chance you get toward your definition of success.  Your brain is doing it's job when it tries to pull you back down, if you haven't worked on your subconscious mind.  So go back to number 1 and continue to try and change your deepest beliefs about yourself, your worth and who you really are.

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