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What can I do to prep for my 2019 New Years resolutions so they stick?

I go through a very specific goal setting process in October of the year before.  I go through my life vision, I rate my Areas of Life.  I get a clear picture of what is not working, what needs to change and how I will be changing it.

First, in order to make any change stick, you have to be willing to permanently change who you are.  Not just for the next 90 days or until you lose those 15 lbs.  Now if you are already feeling resistance to that idea of change, check in with yourself and find out why?  

Second, you have to become the person who naturally does the thing you are looking to do and break through all the mental BS that is currently holding you back from simply being, doing, having the thing you want.

Third, in addition to altering your mindset, you have to understand why you really want it.

Fourth, you have to map out your strategy of how you will achieve this goal.

Finally, you should preemptively plan for the BS your brain/mind will try to throw in your way.

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