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How do I achieve big life changing goals?

By jumping off the cliff and taking massive imperfect action and changing who you are.


They only way anything will change is if you do something different and take action. That being said, to make sure you are taking action that will put you in the direction of achieving that goal.


You can make a vision board.

Write the goal every morning (like by hand, not typing it. write it 5–15x) and look at that vision board.


Then goal setting. google it. any method, honestly will work as long as you actually stick to it and execute it.


Keep to your road map and know the map is not the topography (meaning just because the map shows the route, it doesn't mean that there wasn't a recent storm and a tree is blocking that road or a lake dried up and is no longer there so now you no longer have to go around it.)


Also stick to your plan/map so you don’t end up chasing too many pink squirrels (don’t freak out it is normal because your mind will fight you on going for the big dream)


But most importantly work on your mindset and becoming the person who achieve these types of goals

I have recently posted a free pdf for you to download.  Just make sure to enter your name and email in the popup box.  If you already closed the box, you can always email to request a copy of the 6 Daily Action that will Change the Trajectory of Your Life.


Wishing you the best of luck!!

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