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How can someone with no family and no support achieve success?

Without knowing your specific situation, I will state the following, please try not to take this negatively. But, you are focusing on the wrong thing.


You are focusing on what you do not have. You are comparing yourself to others. Meaning somewhere in your mind you believe that most people have family and support. You may be correct, but the truth is it does not matter what they have, it only matters what you have.


Support is all around you. You would be surprised. But when you vibrate at a level of victim or survivor mode, rarely do you see clearly enough, how much is truly around you. There are government programs that help you get every thing from food stamps to free learn how to… do anything, such as learn how to do taxes/start a business/find a better job.


The moment you say, “screw it, so what everyone else might have this and I have nothing” and start working on yourself and leveraging what you do have, you will begin to win in life.


You have access to the internet and in this day in age that is like half the battle and barriers being removed.


Where there is a will there is a way. Figure out what specifically you want. What specifically did you believe that having a family and support would get you that you don’t have now and go out there and get it.


Make new friends, they are better than blood relatives sometimes. Take one of those things that you believe is lacking because of no family/support and just concentrate on only tiny thing and go make it happen in some way for yourself. You can do it. You control your own life.

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