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How do I motivate myself in my teenage years?

Without knowing you or your situation or what specifically you seek motivation for, I will try to answer this as generally as possible.


What is it you seek motivation for and why do you want to achieve that thing?


If you have zero self -motivation to get it done, such as home work or waking up for the job you have or even just going to school, you should look to the longer term, because the thing itself is simply not interesting or exciting enough.


For example, school can be boring, homework can be tedious but you want the longer term thing, a stellar job or at least the opportunity to leverage the degree to be able to do what you want to in life. You don’t want to be forced to do a specific job you hate, like you are forced to go to school, simply because you did not receive a high school degree.


You can do things that might get you motivated or at least keep you on track to get the high school degree like, google jobs you can get at your age with out a HS degree. Ask yourself, is that what I would like to be doing when I am 50? If you answer is no, then understand you have to get through the present of attending and graduating from high school to ensure your options are more open.


Motivation is an emotional energy that is derived from your thought process, your brain’s ideas. Motivation is like your thoughts and emotions, and can go in any direction at anytime. You control your thoughts, you control your emotions, you control your level of motivation.


One thing you can try and see if you like it. Is to create automatic positive thoughts. For instance, you hate getting out of bed. When you wake up, just start saying out loud, “this is awesome, this is awesome, this is awesome” and say it again and again until you no longer care about the hell of getting out of bed. or you can say, “I love mornings, thank you for one more day.” Sounds silly, but your body and brain can’t hold negative energy and thoughts where there is positive energy and thoughts.


I had to use that technique with my child. She hates getting out of bed to the point where she would literally cry. So I made a deal with her. Every time she even the tiniest negative thought she would say “this day is going to be awesome!” again and again out loud. It worked. She still does it to this day.


You can also play psychological games with yourself. If you are highly competitive, think of way of turning getting the result into some type of competition. Or if you like gifts/rewards, you can reward yourself for getting something done. Like treat yourself to something if you consistently get your homework done each night. Have it in your face. Like you won’t buy that new x box game or play it until you do you homework each night. Then you can get an even bigger reward if you are consistent for the whole week.

But the truth is, if you can find your deepest why and realign your subconscious mind to believe and want what your conscious mind does, then you won't have need for motivation as your subconscious will ensure you get what you believe you deserve and desire.

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