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What are some habits that are good to get into?

If you are asking about daily habits in order to lower stress and get more organized and get you in a position to be productive (versus just busy), creating a solid morning routine has been #1 for me. I used to work 16 hour plus days, and I decided to change that. In less than a year, I turned my 16 hour days into a 4 hour day and I became more productive.

I recently published a short report on 6 Daily Habits people can engage that can help them to begin to lower their stress and get more organized. You can get a copy by entering your name and email in the popup box on this page.


Now, if you are speaking about habits for something more specific, like a specific outcome you desire, that would depend on the outcome you seek.


The simplest trick is to imagine you have already accomplished the thing. Then ask yourself, who are you as a person? What behaviors did you get rid of to become that person and achieve that goal?  What behaviors did you gain in order to achieve what you achieved? Did you drop social media?  Did you gain laser focus, how? Did you lessen the time spent with friends or playing video games? Did you map out and succinctly execute your plan to get to this goal?  What did you do to accomplish this goal?

Now you know where to begin to look to change your current habits and start to develop new habits that will get you to your goal.

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