• Kirsten Franklin

What are the critical things to consider before switching careers?

Great question and I believe it depends on where you are currently in life. If you are married or have children, you have different obligations and potentially a different way in which you may wish to make a change.

But the three most critical things I would consider before switching careers are Money, Time and Values/Alignment.

One any career I would switch to better up my game in the sense of alignment and allowing me to feel fulfilled.

Second, how much time would I need to secure this new position? What does that process look like and on average how much time would I need to invest to get to the place I desire?

Third, Money. How much money do I need to invest to become this new me and how much money do I need to have saved to continue to survive for myself and my family (then double that number)

The reality is nothing stops you from making a change right now. If you have no other obligations, even easier to make that decision to leap.

Even despite obligations, I have made the leap with zero consideration of what I mentioned above and it all worked out in the end. Of course, there were initial ups and downs until I finally understood exactly what I wanted my life to look like. But in the end, I now get to live my life by my specific design.

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