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52 Week Mindfulness, Meditation & Mindset Email Series

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We often hear about how mindfulness and meditation can improve your overall well being, but what does that really mean?

Well studies have shown that the regular engagement of mindfulness and mediation practices can

  • lower blood cholesterol
  • improve sleep quality
  • improve digestion
  • slow down aging
  • reduce stress
  • decrease blood pressure
  • increase focus
  • increase brain plasticity
  • become less reactive, less agitated
  • decrease symptoms of IBS
  • decrease symptoms of PTSD
  • decrease pain from fibromyalgia
  • increase libido
  • decrease PMS pain
  • increase gray matter in the brain
  • have clearer thinking
  • lessen or eliminate addictions

If you have read all about it but still can't seem to make the time or really figure out how to engage the practices, you can learn how to do so with this series.

You can experience huge shifts, with surprisingly little effort.

Each week you will receive an email outlining that week's exercise and all you have to do is engage in that exercise once a day for only one week.

You will also have access to the Free Facebook Group, if you don't already, where you can post your questions and comments and help others to grow in their practice as you grow in your yours.

For less than one dinner, you can change the trajectory of your life!

And please feel free to share this with any of your friends and followers you think can benefit.

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