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why this program

You are in complete control of your life. 


You get to design it and make it look and feel any way you like. 


You cannot afford to compromise on this.

Life by Design: Your Extraordinary Life is the journey we all need to take to ensure we are living our fullest and best life. 


Many times we get caught up where business is good but our personal life is suffering.  Or we might even experience the flip side of things, where our personal life is great but our business might be suffering.

Wouldn’t it be great if our whole life, every single area, from how we look and feel, to our business and personal relationships looked and felt like it does in our dream?

Imagine having boundless energy because you are in top physical condition.

Imagine have success beyond your dreams.

Imagine waking up each and every day in love with your life.  Having immense joy, passion, and deep romantic relationships.

With this program you will break the mindset that tells you, “You can’t have it all”  and you will learn exactly how you can.

Your Insturctor
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Kirsten Franklin is a mindset and business coach to many powerful players.

She has coach hundreds of CEOs and executives in everything from mindset to business and she has helped them create the life of their dreams.


Now she is bringing this knowledge to you.

There are a limited number of seats available, per journey as this is a highly personal process and Kirsten ensures that everyone is taken care of gets what they need to succeed.

What you will lear

In just 12 weeks, you will learn what it will take for you to start to live the life of your dreams.  You will end the journey having designed your specific life vision.  You will walk away not only knowing, what you need to do to get your dream life, but have your personalized strategic plan that will guide you towards success in all Areas of Life.

As you make this journey, you’ll notice deep shifts in your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and your overall quality of life.


For instance you might experience:

  • A greater sense of control in your overall life

  • More balance between your work and personal life

  • A deeper understanding of the Self

  • Increased focus and productivity

  • Stronger improved relationships

  • Greater motivation for health and fitness

  • A clearer sense of purpose

  • A more positive money mindset

  • Heightened confidence and self-esteem

  • And so much more



Upon enrolling, you’ll get instant access to an orientation video.

Here is where you will assess your current life situation, learn the recommended path for this journey and how to utilize the Facebook community for maximum growth.

Week 1 - Your Health and Fitness

This will be your first exposure to the process of how we work on your Thoughts/Beliefs, Vision, Purpose and Strategy for each area of your life.  You are going to learn how to look at yourself in a totally new way.  You will uncover your current thoughts and beliefs and learn how to redefine them in a way that works for you.  You will get crystal clear on what you want and why you want it and you will understand what you need to do to get what you want. 

Week 2 - Your Character

You will go deep and define the person you need to become in order to achieve the life you want to design. You’ll learn how to consciously choose the character traits you want to build into your life and develop a strategy for becoming the person you have designed. 

Week 3 -  Your Emotional Life

You will explore where your emotions are coming from.  How to control and leverage them.  You will learn how to go from a constant state of reaction to yogi-like bliss.  Can you imagine being able to handle life crushing news in a completely different way in a way that spins everything to your advantage or even just not causing you to waste time being reactive and simply being able to move forward in a more effective way?  You will, after this week and you will have your customized plan on how you will achieve that state of being for yourself.

Week 4 - Your Intellectual Life

For many people this is not an area where they apply much conscious attention.  It just is whatever it is.  This is like a sleeper section, but your intellectual life holds a key to open the door to accelerated success in all areas of your life.  It is part of your growth.  As it has been said, "if you are not growing, you are dying."  This is an area of life that helps you to grow and when you are intentional in this area, you propel yourself toward your goals with great ease.

AND - Your Spiritual Life

This is the area where you will go deep and discover your connectedness, your oneness with the plant, universe and human race.  This is about getting back to nature and your deepest self.  How you will connect to your source, your divine, regardless of any religious affiliation.  This is more about being intentional to connect, how you will connect, and how that helps you live your purpose every day.

Week 5 - Your Love Relationship

This is about creating and maintaining a nurturing, loving relationship.  Whether you are part of a couple or single, doesn't matter.   This is about how you want to show up, love and support your significant other.   Great relationships don't just happen, like anything else they take concerted effort and a clear vision and plan to make them happen.

Week 6 - Your Family/Parenting

During this week, we dive deep into how you as a human on this planet want to show up and ensure the future generations grow to be healthy and loving.  Regardless of whether you are a parent or not, you impact children (yours or other people's) by your speech, behavior and how you present yourself to world every day.  If you haven't already heard, there has been a drop in the birth rate and problems with the health of our planet.  If we are not consciously paying attention to this area of life, we may not be producing the best human beings that can address future issues.

Week 7 - Your Social Life

This area of life is all about connecting.  This is another area of life that many people just let it happen on their own, without a great deal of intention.  But as Jim Rohn said, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with."  This area is so critical to your success.  The people you surround yourself with can wither enlighten you, support you, open your world to new ideas and experiences or it can quietly, unintentionally keep you stuck or worse, pull you down.

Week 8 - Your Career/work life


You may love your career or hate it.  We are going to take some time and really craft what you want out of this area of life.  Since you spend a majority of your time working whether it is for yourself or someone else, you want to be really clear of how you want this area of life to play out.  Learn here whether you really want to change jobs or simply wish to do something else in life.  Sometimes, people learn that they actually love what they do, just maybe not with whom or for whom they do it.  We have had people wish they could do what they do but just make more or be afraid to take a leap because they can't see the money they need.  In this area we work through all of the questions so you can arrive at your unique answer that will help you create the life of your dreams.

Week 9 - Your Quality of Life

When you sit down and imagine your future, what does it look like on a daily basis?  What do you do, have, and feel like?  How are your relationships with family and friends?  At this point in the journey you are very clear on what you want and why you want it.  You have made sure that your desires are yours, truly and deeply, and not coming from society, TV, your parents, religion, etc.  That what you have designed is alignment with the real you. 

Week 10 - Your Environment

Your surroundings matter.  If you are someone who enjoys minimalist but wake up everyday in a hoarders environment, you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself every day.  In this area of life you explore your surroundings and look to things you can change to be more in alignment with you so that you don't have a subconscious message playing against you and challenging your grow and potential.

Week 11 - Your Financial Life


This is a great Area of Life where we go deep in understanding your why and what you want life to look like.  You will get a hold on your finances this week.  By clearly understanding why you do what you do and how it works for you from a financial perspective.  We will go deep and explore your subconscious thoughts about money and rewrite them in a way that fosters your financial growth. 

We will also go through a fun exercise and understand what it would really take to sustain your ideal life in all 12 Areas of Life.  This is an eyeopener!

Week 12. Your Life Designed

At this point you have systematically gone through your entire life in great detail and uncovered your deepest purpose and desires and have the written strategy on how to achieve the life you designed for yourself.  This final session is not the end of your journey.  You will continue to engage in the strategies you have mapped out for yourself.  In this last meeting, we will do the Q&A for the previous weeks work.  You can continue to hold yourself accountable and check in on the Facebook group for continued support from your peers.

You are now officially part of the CS Thrive family and can say you have designed your life to be exactly the way you want it and you get to live it everyday.

You will also receive lifetime support in the Private Facebook groups.

How it Works

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How exactly does Life By Design: Your Extraordinary Life, work?

Each week starting on the date specified you will get on a live video conference with Coach Kirsten for about 1-1.5 hours. See, How Much Time Will I Need For This below to see the details.

Each week we will dive deep into an area of life until you are able to design that area of life exactly how you want it.

Each conference is recorded and put on a video platform for you to watch the replay if you missed any or all of it.  Due to differing time zones, it is expected that many will be on the replay.

What is included with the program?

You get everything you need to design your personal whole life vision for the 12 key areas of your life.  You get a print out so that you can easily follow along and have a place to create your final product, a go to booklet created by you, for you.  This booklet is where you keep all of your inspirational images, statements, information and plan. 


You also get 12 weeks of LIVE, interactive education on how to design your extraordinary life.  12 weeks of live Q&A that happens before you head into the next Area of Life.  And you get access to the Life By Design community through our private Facebook group.

Lifetime access to the recorded video and documents.


How much time will I need for this?

You’ll want to set aside about 3 hours a week for 12 weeks (that is less than 30 min a day for 7 days and if you really want to level up and being to live your dream life by your design, it won't even feel like you are doing anything more). Here’s how that breaks down:

  • You’ll join the live training each week (approximately 60-90 minutes)

    • The first 20 min will focus on Q&A from the prior weeks category.​

    • The last 40-70 min will be spent on going deep in the Area of Life we are focusing on that week.

  • You’ll have to do some online work, to assist you in creating your specific strategy, finding images, statements and more  (30 - 60 minutes)

  • You'll have to set aside time in your morning or evening routine to meditate, visualize and simply reflect on your vision each day (20 - 30 min) 


When does the program begin and end?

The Next Live Journey Starts January 2020


What if I can’t start on the next live dates?

You can start at a later date since you can always watch the recordings.  The time of day, day of the week won't fit everyone's schedule as we have people joining from around the world.  That is why it will be recorded and you can access it any time.  You also have 24/7 access to the Facebook community.  It is laid out so you can easily hop to the Area of Life that you are working on, ask any questions you may have and hear what others are experiencing.


What if I miss or can’t make the weekly live gathering?

All sessions are recorded and you have lifetime access to the recordings and the Life by Design community through the private Facebook group.

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