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MAXIMIZE YOUR TIME, Minimize your stress

How to stop losing time & learn how to get it all done in less time

If you want to put an end to those breakdown moments where you lose it from overwhelm, stress and anxiety because you have too much to do and not enough time, this is for you!

If you want to learn how to eliminate that task list that has things from last year still on it, this is for you!

If you want to build a life and lifestyle where you actually get everything done and still have time to enjoy your friends, family and hobbies, this is for you!


If you want to stop the burnout, confusion, overwhelm, shiny object syndrome and develop laser-focus, this is for you!

Regardless of whether you are a stay at home parent, employee, executive, team leader or business owner, everyone needs to consciously develop the right systems and habits in order to streamline your time and accomplish all that you desire.

In this 8 module course, you will learn how to become highly productive.  You will learn how you can actually complete your entire, "to do" list including all the little things you had on there since last year, like cleaning out your closets, the garage or whatever it is you keep walking by and still haven't done. 


This is not just focused on business or personal life, this program is holistic and helps you get everything done.  It is a method that makes everything crystal clear and so super simple that you don't even realize how much you are actually getting done.


My client, Linda, wasn't even half-way through the course when she got 5 of her projects done with laser-focus and ease.  So simple she couldn't even believe it. 


By learning how to organize the mess and drill it down in such a way that you are constantly taking steps towards completion you end up having more free time, reducing stress and eliminating the overwhelm that can happen when things pile up.


Get (Sh)it Done! (Normally $997NOW FOR A LIMITED TIME only $497.00

8-Module course that gets you crystal clear on the goals, actions and next steps, you need to take in order to get clear and get going!  It lays the foundation and process for simple and easy project achievement no matter how busy you are or how many “projects” you have going.

Module 1 - Getting a Mindset for Mastery & Brain Dump

Module 2 - Getting Clear on Next Actions

Module 3 - Mastering the Task List

Module 4 - Processes & Routines

Module 5 - Understanding Habits & Your Decision-Making Process

Module 6 - Your Environment & Organization

Module 7 - Habits & Delegation

Module 8 - The Compound Effect

BONUS: If you pay in full you will get one free implementation coaching call.  ($3,000)  This is one time call where we go through your system and ensure you are implementing the information in a way that works best for you.  

Full Pay Option is $497.00 + get the Bonus Implementation Call

(This would be the recommended path if you tend to engage in workshops or programs and feel as though you were not able to get the full benefit because you were not sure if you were implementing the steps 100% correctly)

We do have a two-pay option of $297.00 each but you would not get the Bonus Call

Private Facebook Group for clients only 

Be a part of a small group of others who have worked with me and be supported by those on the same path as you.


James M. Tax Executive (TX)

...It was the most impactful, thought-provoking, action-taking time in my professional life.


I feel after your coaching, that my potential is limitless ...Thank You for helping me discard those limitations.


My confidence is stronger than ever. My networking, public speaking, sales and planning skills are light years beyond what they used to be.

Jason P.

Business Owner (FL)

Kirsten helped me to overcome personal obstacles and gain the focus necessary that were critical to my success.   Within the first two months of working with Kirsten, my business’s income doubled... I cannot say enough positive things about Kirsten.

She is a rock star coach that genuinely cares about her clients and pours everything she has into helping them live the life of their dreams!

Maria P.

Business Owner (NJ)

Are you looking for ways to optimize your most important resources? Do you know what ‘Wendy Rhodes’ is to ‘AxeCap?’ That is Kirsten Franklin to your organization. If you want your people on board, in alignment, super productive and ready to kick butt; then you need Kirsten as your go-to ‘Wendy’ for your executive team.  She helped us hit a $5 Million evaluation in a short amount of time

Michael G

REI / Business Owner

When I came to Kirsten, had gotten so overwhelming that I actually got burned out and decided to call it quits.  Kirsten was like having someone through you a life jacket while you are about to drown.  She helped me to establish and automate a legitimate wholesaling business … in just 2 months!


Her approach of business development and mindset shift cover all the bases.  Coach Kirsten will get you where you want to go!

Steven A.

REI/Business Owner

Wow Kirsten Franklin rocked my world last week and after implementing her recommendation I can feel a change already!

Tom K.

Business Owner/US Real Estate Investor)

Bam! You guys can keep Tony Robbins, I'll always reach out to Kirsten Franklin!!

About Kirsten Franklin


Kirsten Franklin is a world-class transformation coach who has worked with leaders from around the world.  She is best known for getting rapid results for her clients. Many of her clients are seen as being at the top of their game but feel as though they have a lot more to offer. Some may be seeking to improve productivity, some may seek to streamline business and increase profit margins, some may simply feel stuck and others may be in a period of transition.

She has worked with top tier Big 4 accounting executives, law partners, professional athletes, real estate executives and hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs. She is even known to be a coach to other top coaches.  If you seek rapid transformation in your business or life, she should be your go-to for success.



What are the requirements to apply:

  1. You must be committed to making a change 

  2. You must be willing to actively participate

  3. You do not have to own a business

  4. You must be 21 years of age or older

  5. You can reside anywhere in the world

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